Starburst Effect Photo Tips: Make Lamp Looks Like a Star

Make the evening light source seemed to glow like a star making our night photos look more cool. This effect is usually called a starburst effect. To create a starburst, the fundamental thing we must understand is to make the aperture as small as possible, which means that we should use a large aperture numbers (f/11 up to f/22) and should utilize a lens that has a shorter focal length.
Why should that be? well, the explanation will be long. In short is the physics of light will experience diffraction (spread) as it passes through a narrow opening (narrow hmm …). The nature of the propagation of light is what makes the light source (lamp, moon, sun) will look luminous and has a tongue, tongue amount will depend on the number of blades (blade) aperture in your lens, see spec lenses you have, there will be written “aperture blade “. While the answer to why you should choose a large f number and shorter focal length

If it is still not clear, please see the following picture:


The image above shows, the smaller the aperture (the larger the f number), the tongue will get maximum light. Meanwhile, in a small f number, the visible light source with no burst at all.
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Macro Photo Tips With Pocket Camera

Belfot have several times discussed tips macro photos using DSLR cameras (here and here), but if you do not have a DSLR camera do not get discouraged. Pocket camera is also able to produce macro (close – up).
Although the results will not be as powerful if used DSLR camera plus a macro lens (remember the 1:1 ratio?), You can still shoot and produce beautiful macro photos using only a pocket camera. You can see the photos in this article, all produced with a pocket camera.
Want to know the tips of her? please:
Use the Macro Mode

Select this mode if you want to maximize the macro feature that has been set by the manufacturer of compact cameras. Macro mode is usually symbolized by a flower icon on your camera. If you choose this mode, you tell the camera that you want to take a closer focusing distance than usual (closest focus distance is usually different from one camera to another camera). Macro mode means the camera will choose a large aperture so that the object in focus will be sharp while the background slightly blurred.
Use a Tripod
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5 Free Photoshop Plugins That You Should Download

Five free plugin below but quality though, so please choose which one fits your needs, and then download it directly. For the record, these plugins except Pixel Bender is compatible with Photoshop CS3 and above.
OnOne Perfect Effects 3

OnOne Perfect Effects 3 is a plugin homemade onOne Software, a leading maker plugin. They released a free version of their very popular plugin, PhotoTools. You can tweak your photos with different effects and filters: cross process, cyanotype, sepia and vintage. If you like it,

Dreamy Photo

Dreamy Photo is a plugin that can make your photo has a mystical aura like a dreamland. In this plugin you can find the settings for soft-glow, blurry zoom, soft focus and so
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Nikon DSLR Camera Based Ranking Score DxOMark

DxOMark is one of the trusted name to compare the quality of the sensor in a camera. DxOMark ratings issued for the quality of a camera sensor is always awaited. If DP Review assessing the overall quality of a camera (price, reliability, speed, etc.), the more the quantity DxOMark by testing the characteristics of sensors in the laboratory (DxOMark is the product of DxO lab).

Here is the rating for Nikon DSLR cameras from DxOMark until January 2013. Ranking judged overall score. But it is important also to look at the score for each category: for portrait photos are scores of colors, for landscape is dynamic range while scores for sports performance at high ISO is, the higher the score the better the quality of the sensor. Please: Continue reading “Nikon DSLR Camera Based Ranking Score DxOMark”

Nat Geo Photo Contest Win Then disqualified 72 Hours Later

Parables, such as this, an Olympic gold medal winning athlete, and a few moments later medal was revoked because he was caught breaking the rules. Photographers Herry Fisch experienced something similar to this when he declared to be the first champion in the National Geographic photo for categories where and traveling, but in the next 72 hours his title later in disqualification.
Cause Herry disqualified? Herry using the cloning tool in Photoshop to eliminate plastic waste that is in the right picture. See the two photos below, the above is the original image while the photo below is a photo of the cloning tool.











Contest rules specified that image processing is allowed only burning (darken) and dodging (make brighter), while eliminating certain object is expressly prohibited.
Actually there are two scenarios that can be done to eliminate waste Herry without breaking the rules of the contest:
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Photo Tip: Light Painting

Ever try shooting with light painting techniques? if not you should try it. Shooting with light painting technique is a very exciting and one of the creative use of shutter speed. In photography, light painting, we open the shutter in a long time (long exposure), photographed in the darkness and directs the directional light source (eg a flashlight) at some point along the object image in the span of the shutter is open.

Mechanical photo light painting or light graffiti does not need a lot of money, the main thing that distinguishes good photo light painting and the mediocre is the creativity and the willingness to try. With this technique, we use as a light source like a painting brush.
The main objective picture technique “painting with light” is we illuminate some areas or points on the object so that only the illuminated area is only recorded in the photo. Another creative use of light to form a unique pattern. All depends on your vision.
What Are the Requirements?
Some of the equipment needed to try light painting techniques:
A camera with manual controls, especially with bulb mode. This is necessary because the exposure time can be up to 30 seconds. For example, the photo above is produced cars with 113 seconds Continue reading “Photo Tip: Light Painting”

Review Sony Alpha SLT A65

Innovation brings tech cameras Sony translucent mirror (SLT) was able to provide fresh air in the world of photography. The problem with this technology, Sony succeeded in presenting a high-speed camera with a relatively affordable price. Yangcanggih was the arrival of “guests” an SLT camera from Sony that Alpha SLT A65. This new model is the successor to the first generation Sony SLT cameras such as the Sony Alpha SLT A33 and SLT A55.

Sony Alpha SLT A65 comes with a solid body design with an extremely comfortable grip on hand. In this section there gripnya play button to set the speed (S) and the diaphragm.

At the top, there is a jog dial on the camera mode, hotshoe for flash, the finder / LCD, ISO button, Composition and Exposure button on / off button.

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Nikon D800: Full-Frame DSLR 36MP with Video Settled

For professional photographers certainly no stranger to the Nikon D700, a full-frame camera DSRL relatively affordable price of Nikon. Well, now Nikon DSLR camera brings new as the successor to the Nikon D700. Introduce Nikon D800 which appears armed with 36.3 Megapixel Full Frame sensors (FX format).

To satisfy the needs of serious photographers who want to produce topnotch quality, Nikon has incorporated image processor “EXPEED 3” fast. At first glance, the specifications are not much different from the D700. From the side of the body, the D800 has a size and shape that is identical to the Nikon D700. There is also a 51-point AF system and has a continuous shooting speed of 4 photos per second (full resolution FX format). ISO range is still the same as the D700 which is from ISO 100 to ISO 6400 and can be optimized up to ISO 25,600.

D800 is equipped with fog-free LCD measuring 3.2 inches with a resolution of 921 000 pixels and supports Live-View mode (target object via the LCD). Not just tough to take photos, the Nikon D800 is also quality video recording Full-HD 1080p at 30 fps. This feature has been waiting for Nikon users. Continue reading “Nikon D800: Full-Frame DSLR 36MP with Video Settled”

Pentax K-5 Silver Special Edition: Exclusive Design Marc Newson

Pentax back on innovating DSLR camera output, with the launch of the Pentax K-5 special edition gets a touch of design Marc Newson. Also did not escape the touch of design is the SMC Pentax DA 40mm lens with F2.8 super slim design. This is the thinnest lens in the world that carry the name of Marc Newson. Both body and lens wrapped in silver in order to have an elegant appearance. To support high-performance offering maximum visual alignment, Pentax K-5 firmware Ver.1.13 silver comes with the latest version.

For display, the Pentax K-5 is equipped with a screen 3.0-inch 921,000 pixels. And for performance under low-light conditions, the camera is also equipped with support for up to ISO 51 200 (extended). Not only that, this special camera can also record video up to a resolution of Full-HD resolution 25 fps with stereo sound quality. The plan exclusive camera lens with a thin silver released will be priced around U.S. $ 1599.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Tough and Sophisticated for Photo and Video

Having long been a rumor, and the subject of conversation in the world of photography, camera series fullframe Canon EOS 5D has been waiting for finally comes with the latest edition of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III is presented with a range of innovative and cutting-edge features. This camera is a replacement for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, which was released September 2008.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III comes with a fullframe sensor (analog 35mm camera equivalent) with a resolution of 22.3 megapixels in packs powerful body made of magnesium alloy, and comes packed with features that make it weather-resistant sealed in a variety of weather conditions. To display the results of your shots, there is a 3.2-inch LCD screen (3:2 aspect ratio), which carries the Clear View II technology such as the Canon EOS-1DX.

Canon promises better performance on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and it is evidenced by the use of the latest flagship processor Canon, DIGIC 5 +. Using DIGIC 5 + is more powerful to make data processing can be done faster than the previous generation. Order menu also different and is more similar to the Canon EOS-1DX.
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