Skinny = Malnourished baby?

Body weight (BW) normal newborn is about 2.5 kg. If BB is too small, do not worry about the baby’s body organs can be grown to perfection. Whereas if BB is too large, it is feared the baby would be born with normal and difficult to go through a cesarean section.

BB accretion baby can be seen every quarter. In the first quarter, the increase ranged BB 150-250 grams / week, second quarter increase is around 500-600 grams / month, third quarter increased 350-450 grams / month, and the fourth quarter of approximately 250-350 grams / month. Seen that in the first quarter, added baby BB is faster than the second quarter, III, and IV.

Reference to see whether or not the accretion normal BB generally can be seen when the baby reaches the age of 6 months and 1 year. At age 6 months, babies usually BB reaches 2 times the birth weight and become 3 times as much at the age of 1 year. Less than the weight, then the BB is low or the baby, including baby skinny.

Skinny baby is a baby that his BB at birth is low or below 2.5 kg. One reason may be affected when the baby is still in the womb, when the formation of the baby’s body and organ growth begins.

Although BB baby at birth is normal, not necessarily further the development of its BB will be in accordance with normal growth. At a certain stage, there is a tendency to slow accretion baby BB. Between 1 to 6 months, infants BB accretion is fairly fast, but at the age of 6 months, of increase will be slowed down. The condition occurs in almost all babies. One reason is because at this stage the baby has been moving more and growth leads to body. Continue reading “Skinny = Malnourished baby?”

Longer breastfeeding

Did you know that the longer you breastfeed your baby, the more benefits? Experts say that most mothers are not expected to be able to breastfeed for approximately one year.

The researchers found that the majority of today’s new mothers have chosen to give their baby complete nutrition in the form of milk. But unfortunately stopped breastfeeding earlier than they should. This makes most doctors considered that the adequacy of infant nutrition for optimal unmet health.

For some people, breastfeeding in public is not as easy as imagined or expected. With such a dense environment, and the number of people passing by would make a mother not to breastfeed her baby freely. Others disagree breastfeeding due to lifestyle factors, and many people still think that breastfeeding makes breasts to sag and not beautiful. But opinion is not correct, cause sagging breasts due to breast enlargement factor during pregnancy.

A researcher epidemiologist said, most of the infants received breast milk only in his first few months alone. But when the baby was two or three months, breastfeeding should be discontinued because the mother has returned to work. Continue reading “Longer breastfeeding”

Choline Improve Memory

Choline as an essential component of the cell takes an important role to support the recall (memory) until the fetus is born, and grows into an adult human. Choline is what helps memory development in the womb, the process of reproduction and fetal development, heart health, heart, and improve memory.
Choline deficiency may lead to impaired kidney function, infertility, abnormal bone growth, impaired memory, neurological, heart and gall bladder.

For newborns, choline is needed for the growth of brain cells is going very fast as well as other body organs. In this case choline contribute to accelerating the synthesis and release acetil-choline (a neurotransmitter that plays a role in the storage memory, thinking, talking, conscious movement, and sensory stimuli).

Choline is an essential raw material phospholipids of cell membranes, including brain cells. Here choline acts as a transmitter of signals from outside to inside the cell. Choline in the brain is forming materials required for myelinated sphyngomyelin fetal brain.
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Addressing Critical Little Attitude

Facing a barrage of questions your child is critical, what should you do in order to address the critical power of the little guy being honed.

Do not show a negative response
Very wise if you do not show a negative response on the critical attitude of the child, such as angry, upset, or even told him to be quiet.
Your patience arguably the most important role. Do not get your child to stop asking because it turns out you’re bored and no longer answer.
Inevitably you should always be prepared for the reactions your child about the things around him. Thus, you do not feel surprised or disturbed by the critical attitude of the child, because it can be anticipated in advance. Continue reading “Addressing Critical Little Attitude”

Baby Kangaroo Care Helps Adaptation

Mother cuddles with skin-to-skin contact immediately after the baby is born, which is called kangaroo care, will provide comfort and a sense of security on the baby, and foster growth.

Newborns with low birth weight, usually placed in an incubator, which can be transferred by using kangaroo care, as far as circumstances allow. This will help reduce infection and encourage mothers to breastfeed, which will help the baby’s development.

Healthy baby, who was born with enough weight, when administered into the arms of his mother, within one hour after birth, will sleep more soundly and show the movement and position of the body indicating a good adaptation to the environment.

With kangaroo care, will give warmth to the baby and give the feeling that they are not alone in facing the new world.

Choose Snacking Right for Toddlers

toddler is the growth period major child and in the this period anyway a child grows older basis rapidly both physically nor his ability. To achieve results who optimal then the must be noted also food which will given to the toddlers especially on the womb its nutritional value.

Highly recommended for give children-children at age toddlers and pre this school a combination from menu foods at least 1 times main meals with 2 times the food interlude (snack) every 8 hour or less, and for at above 8 those hours should be children-child gets the 2 times main meals and 2 times a snack or combinations thereof.

In choosing snack / foods interlude for toddler need to be considered some guide as follows:

Avoid snack / foods nibbles with sugar levels high, especially on crime who contain sugar content high. Crime can be survive long in the tooth and sugar on crime with high sugar levels reacts with acid in mouth which can erode email tooth.

Avoid foods with shapes and sizes who small as well as easy swallowed such as form of dice or small spheres-small because can cause toddlers choking. Continue reading “Choose Snacking Right for Toddlers”

Child Feeding activity

To educate your child, do not necessarily have to use a special guidebook or sophisticated equipment. Many activities that seem trivial, but it had a major influence in improving the child’s thinking skills. Among them:

To improve the ability of the child to know the color and shape:

When shopping, have your child pick vegetables / fruits / items based on color
Fill free time with the game looking for objects based on shape.
To improve the ability of the child to know the numbers
Ask the child to do activities based on numbers. For example, take two apples
Sing songs that had to do with numbers. For example, the one I love you, two-two, etc.
To improve the child’s ability to remember:

Guessing the picture in the magazine
Looking for things around the house. For example, where the clock? Continue reading “Child Feeding activity”

Regarding Little Sleep Time (6 Months – 3 Years)

Since your child at the age of 6 months, he can spend about 3 hours for his nap and about 11 hours of sleep a night. When she was crying and woke up in the night, let him alone for a few moments when the child is not in a state of pain. Let him sleep in his own back. If he can not go back to sleep, he gendonglah, him to give comfort to him and then let him go back to sleep.

After some time your child gets such treatment, your little one will be easier to fall asleep by themselves. If your child often wake up during the 5-6 times a night, you should take your child to see a doctor.

At the age between 6 to 12 months, anxiety when separated from a parent can be a big problem for the little guy. Your children also began closely with his favorite items such as blankets, pillows are always certain to accompany him at bedtime. If she woke up in the night, do the same thing, do not turn on the lights, play or talk to him. With the same treatment, will make your child realize that nighttime is for sleeping.
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Food Dyes Make Kids Hyperactive

Many outstanding food using artificial food coloring, make food more appealing to eat. Red, yellow, green, chocolate and other food will attract children to quickly try it. And the presenters food more often than using artificial food coloring natural food coloring because of price and practicality. Though this can make children hyperactive.

The research was conducted in the UK with 300 children aged 3 years, who have allergic disease and hyperactivity. It turns out the parents reported that their children became less hyperactive, after they were given food that is free of artificial food colorings or preservatives.

Researchers in England, instead advocating to ban the circulation of the use of food coloring for the health of the general public. And later this year, they will do a bigger study with 900 children aged between 3-9 years.

USG Safe for Baby

Pregnant women are often asked to perform ultrasound examinations (ultrasonography) repeatedly. Sometimes, it’s doubtful whether the risk of harm to the baby’s examination at a later instance can cause growth retardation child later. But experts in Australia ensure that ultrasound is often not harm your baby.

Ultrasound examination has been carried out to determine the development and health of the fetus for 30 years. And a recent study in Australia, that does not prove the existence of long-term adverse effects in infants.

Recent study conducted on 2,700 children, ages 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8 years old. This study to see if there is a detrimental effect on their growth by doing an ultrasound examination carried out repeatedly when the children are still in the womb, more than 18 weeks.

Most children do an ultrasound to 5 times while still in the womb, and the rest of the other kids just do 1 ultrasound examination.

As a result, it was found that the body size of the children are no different. Also not seen a difference in these children’s development as in speech, behavior, language and neurological development. Continue reading “USG Safe for Baby”