Flora Bifidobacteria For Endurance Body

Breast milk has long been known to play an important role in increasing the resilience of the baby’s body. Greatest compositions contained in milk is lactose (50-60 g / L), followed by fat (30-50 g / L), oligosaccharides (10-12 g / L), and protein (8-10 g / L).

Milk plays an important role for the development of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Breast milk contains oligosaccharides are not digested by enzymes, so that remains there as prebiotics in the gut. Furthermore, these prebiotics in the gut will be metabolized by bacteria that dominate the gastrointestinal tract in infants who are breastfed.

However, what exactly is meant by the good bacteria? Good bacteria in question is the flora Bifidobacteria. The flora associated with increased susceptibility to infection in the digestive tract and play an important role in the development of a healthy immune system and the induction of oral tolerance.

Further explained also that these good bacteria have beneficial effects on health due support optimal function of the gastrointestinal tract, reduce bad bacteria colonies, and strengthen the immune system.
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Baby’s Development 12 Months From Day to Day

Walk with one hand held
Currently there are some babies who are able to walk on his own. But if not, he will generally be able to walk if it is held with the help of one hand. But you still have to be careful because it is still easy to lose balance.

Giving objects to others
Ask a familiar object with the palm of your hand, then he would give him the right. Or he would be happy to put toys into a container if requested.

He is now able to mimic sounds familiar, such as ‘woof-woof’ for the sound of a dog and ‘meow’ of a cat.

Great curiosity
You like a little baby explorers who want to learn the contents of each room and the house. He even pulled the tablecloth and grab anything to satisfy her curiosity. Continue reading “Baby’s Development 12 Months From Day to Day”

Tips on Keeping Kids Stay Healthy

Tendency children have unhealthy lifestyle is increasing. Obesity, lack of exercise, unhealthy food, smoke makes children at risk for heart disease and stroke, which can occur in young age.

Parents should consume foods with good, because your child will be eating behaviors refer to his parents. Eat a healthy diet with a balanced diet and eating are adjusted to the required energy intake. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, less fat. And that should not be forgotten, that govern the use of salt in food and excessive sugar such as soft drinks, or snacks that are too sweet.

Give meaning to them the dangers of smoking on health. Of course, do not expect kids not to smoke if their parents smoke also. The younger the child smoked, the greater the risk that the disease will arise.
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Complaints overcome Colic and Constipation in Small

Handle multiple babies symptoms that often occur:

Abdominal pain / colic

Immediately take action:

Babies usually have colic
Try working on a way to placate the burping during meals or after meals
Give eat slowly with smaller portions
Hold your baby while caressing it gently to make him feel more comfortable.
Call your doctor if your baby:

Pain when moving
have diarrhea
Nausea and vomiting
bloated stomach
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Inadequate breastfeeding when …

Not all women are lucky to have an adequate milk supply to be given to your baby. Sometimes milk is too little or even no out altogether. So, what needs to be done in order to keep your child’s nutritional needs are met?

It is now so milk substitute formula milk available in the market. Quality is no better than breast milk, but the baby can usually consume it without encountering many problems. However, there are some things to consider before deciding mothers to switch to formula:

What needs to be considered?

Keep a bottle of milk to be free of contamination.
Cover the milk cans meetings once you’re done setting up the milk.
Give the formula that has been mixed with warm water.
Do not give the rest of the milk or milk that is not stored in the refrigerator for over an hour.
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big baby

Wow, huge baby. Lest there diabetic mother? The sentence is not unusual sounds. The information has come out of nowhere, people who definitely have realized that one of the common causes of a very large baby at birth is the mother suffered diabetes.

Ingestion of food (including glucose) had been going since the fetus in the womb. A mother who has diabetes hospital where blood sugar levels are not controlled during pregnancy he would provide excessive supply of sugar in the baby anyway. As a result, the fetus will produce too much insulin the cells of the body can take and use sugar given.

When we look at the mechanisms involved, then we can certainly understand that with the amount of sugar used by the body cells of the fetus will cause the fetus to grow larger than it should. Therefore, when babies are born weighing more than 4 kg, then the mother’s blood sugar should be checked (if during pregnancy has not been done).

Another problem arises from the high blood sugar is the adaptation in the pancreas produce insulin that high amount. At birth, the pancreas produced insulin levels stay high baby, but on the other hand the supply of glucose from the mother immediately stopped. Newborn baby can fall into a state of hypoglycemia or blood sugar levels are very low. This situation can be very dangerous.

Sleep Prevent Obesity in Children

Regular exercise and a healthy diet is known as a way to maintain a healthy weight is normal, but a recent study says the new solution to fight obesity in children, with sleep.

Through research conducted by scientists at Northwestern University, UK, found that kids who get enough sleep will have a body mass index (BMI) and a lower risk of obesity in the next five years will be reduced, compared to children who lack sleep.

Add time to sleep at night will reduce the likelihood of obesity 30-36% in children and 34% in children aged pre-teen. That is the conclusion of researchers who are also published in the journal Child Development.

The researchers conducted a nationwide data collection on 2,281 children aged 3 to 12 years. Parents of these children are given a kind of daily schedule to record information such as time began to sleep, how long, and when I wake up. The recording is done for five consecutive years.

Of the daily schedule, known to the children who lack sleep, get used to staying up late, or get up too early, after five years tend to be obese. Research also shows that bed late at night have a great impact on obesity, especially in children aged 3 to 8 years. While the impact of obesity due to get up too early is more common in children aged 8 to 13 years.
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Little Bloated?

As long as your child enjoying breastfeeding, there is often little mischievous air, sucked and swallowed him go. Air come in. This will be collected at the top of the baby’s stomach and cause stomach bloating. Of course your child uncomfortable and tail-tail so fussy. Fortunately this can be prevented. How: Burp your baby soon so completed.


Put this little towel or handkerchief on your shoulders, so that milk might come out of the mouth of the little guy does not contaminate your clothes.
Hold your baby in an upright position facing backwards and lean her head on your body rests on your shoulders.
Use your hands to hold the butt of the child, while the other hand stroked his back until he burps.
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Tips to Prepare Healthy and Clean Milk

Mother’s milk given to the baby by breastfeeding is the best food for babies. In addition to the ingredient ideally suits the needs of a growing baby, breast milk is given through breastfeeding as well as fresh, clean and free of germs. What if the mother was unable to breastfeed her baby? There are other alternatives such as pumping out the milk and give it to the baby through the bottle, or give formula.

Neither the first nor the second alternative, have one absolute requirement: must be clean and sterile milk to be free from germs. If not, one-one baby even attacked by abdominal pain and diarrhea! Therefore, make sure the cleanliness and sterility of baby milk, container container, milk pump, until the dot milk.

Step by step preparing clean and sterile milk

Provide proper milk storage equipment, such as:
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Safe place to Play for Small

Playing is a child’s incentive to investigate their world, and in addition to equip children with a variety of toys and activities, should also be available place to enjoy it.

Children’s playground could be anywhere. Provided that qualify, your child will love to play in a place that you provide. What are the conditions?

Match Requirement and Safe

Ideally, a place to play is a pretty broad and can meet the needs of the child to play by the type of game. So the kids can play while optimizing the development of physical, emotional, intellectual, language and social.

But this place does not have to mean a specially designed and equipped expensive equipment. Reasonably assured that these places inspire a child to play. In place should be kept clean, free of any objects, toys and other things that may endanger the safety of the child. For example, where it has a flat surface and is quite soft, protect children from adverse weather, there are no sharp edges and no toxic paint coated. Continue reading “Safe place to Play for Small”