Making Children As Friend Is Wrong

Today many newly married couples who want to make their children someday as a friend. Their goal is not bad, the relationship between the two will be more intimate and open. However, models of care also has a negative side. Child discipline is more difficult and stubborn.

Clinical psychologist Professor Tanya Byron of England said, children can behave badly when parents are afraid to discipline. Raising children is like a friend, would make the parent is no longer a figure that must be obeyed. Children will not be ready to face the real world.

“I treat children who have behavioral disorders clinic due to the parenting methods. Children 6 years of age was brought to my clinic because his parents worried when trying to organize. They worry that children become depressed, “said Professor Byron, quoted by the Daily Mail.

According to him, the children are so protected by the fear of disappointing their parents. Parents are always trying to get the child can not be separated from their range so less gain essential life skills. As they face the challenges, the child will recall how comfortable staying at home with their parents.
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Responding to Children’s Problem Sexual Questions

Your child starts asking things about her body and sex? No need to feel worried . Before children to find out about sex and growing body, on the internet or friends, you can get him to talk about this first.

Follow these tips:

Ask a question

“Like what you hear?” Then proceed with the “Are you thinking what about it?” If what you hear is not accurate child, try to validate the information.

Give understanding

If the girl you heard about the menstrual cycle, give details of the process that occurs normally in the body of every woman and let them know in a way as simple as possible, said Lynne Kenney, Psy.D., psychology section pediatrician in Scottsdale, AZ. Continue reading “Responding to Children’s Problem Sexual Questions”

Encouraging Healthy Children Behave Financial

Behavior wise money is very important in holding owned by everyone, even the need to be taught to children. Early on, they need to learn how to save money and remove it wisely, so that this practice can continue to carry into adulthood. Here are some tips you can do to encourage children to have a healthy financial behaviors:

Create a child trying to get money

When children want to earn money, you can tell him to do some extra work. Keep in mind, this extra work is not the actual work he did as a mandatory part of the family. As an idea, you can ask to collect magazines or old newspapers piling up in the warehouse, then tie them together, and sell it to the junkman. Alternatively, you are encouraged to make crafts which are then sold at the bazaar school. That way the child will learn that in order to get the money they need to try and work as best as possible. Once the money labors in hand, they will think twice when going to use it.

Give them pocket money
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Bringing Children to Nature with Gardening

There is never a limit to start a friendship with nature. In toddlers, Mama was able to introduce gardening activities.

No need to bother waiting for invites to the fields or while visiting my grandmother in the countryside. Instilling an interest in this fun activity can be started from home.

Starting from the room

There are many different kinds of plants are easy to grow indoors. This is certainly a great idea, especially for Mama who lives in the city center is busy and narrow land or in an apartment.

Because it can grow indoors, let her keep it in a private room (if only 1-2 small pots). Every night he could observe the development of the ‘baby plants’ property.

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Management of Sex After Baby Attendance

The presence of children in the middle of your life as husband and wife must bring happiness. But on the other hand, the sex life you both can not be as free as it was when they were alone. And sexual life too often overlooked because of the attention and the time consumed to children. But the relationship psychotherapist Paula Hall, provides some tips for you to get out of this dilemma.

Sex After Birth

Sex after birth is a period of the most difficult. Especially for mothers who tend sucked his time and energy to take care of the baby, such as waking up middle of the night for feeding or changing diapers. Even this time-consuming activity that ultimately affects the desire to have sex with their husbands. In fact, according to a survey, 80% of women who had become mothers has decreased sexual desire in the first month postpartum.

In these times, it is important for you both to continue to provide the touch. Even if you do not feel excited to have sex, you are able to keep in touch. Loving touch of make you both remain cordial, and who knows when that desire comes up, you’re ready. In addition to giving each other affectionate touch, very important for you to communicate to your partner’s feelings and discomfort. This will help the couple to understand and help you through these difficult times.
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Teach Kids Math, Even You Do not Like

Do not be ashamed to admit it – the last time you do so, you use the calculator on your cell phone. Now, when your child needs to work on his math assignment, you should not give your cell phone or calculator to help compute.

So how can you teach math to children while you yourself are not proficient in math and even hated?

Befriend your child’s teacher

Find out what is happening in your child’s classroom. By getting to know or be friends with your child’s math teacher, you can ask if he has the manual or manuals relating to your child’s math. You also communicate with your child’s teacher about your child’s abilities or difficulties.

Do a google search or internet data.
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Children Not Normal, Gifted and Talented

Perhaps we often hear of parents who do not know what to do when having a gifted child. There are even unwilling, to the extent that if you have more choices to choose to have children “normal” course.

Apparently the parents of gifted children is affected myths about gifted children. Children who are gifted synonymous with “a difficult child, unable to communicate, which is physically weak or can not be silent, difficult to get along socially, nerdy, bespectacled boy thick, and others”.

Because of his talent sometimes seen children by parents and teachers as a problem child. Maybe this was not wrong, just different glasses, looked at from the perspective of a gifted child normal children was a mistake.

Moreover, the parents and the school did not seem ready to differences in individual children. As a result, gifted children is seen as a troubled kid, and then isolated by teachers and peers in the association.

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Making Children Having Optimistic Attitude

A study showed that a person would be better if the pessimistic face tasks that require precision. However, the optimist is better in almost every way. Optimists are also more successful in their lives, either in a career and a family. In general, optimistic people happier.

Optimists will not easily give up. They believe that bad things are temporary, while the good stuff is permanent. They believe that they can succeed so have a strong determination to do everything. They mean it. That is why optimists have a greater chance of success.

Teach optimism to children would be a great fight if parents, including those who are pessimistic. Conversely, if the parents have an optimistic attitude, the self-taught stuff full optimism. However, there are some principles that can be applied to help children to have an attitude.

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When Moving Young Children

Adolescence is the most remarkable phase in one’s life. Changing organs of the physical and mental changes.

It seems so easy to say that as a child they have to abide by what is said or told by their parents and parents have the authority to rule the child. But what happens if this phenomenon focused on our children’s adolescence?

When our children were little, may be true if we as parents have control over all manner of horns. But the situation would be different if our children are teenagers. Our children already have their own choice to act. And wishes her knowledge about friendship, acceptance, and freedom will be very appropriate prey would lead them into schemes that are less socially correct.

Then, what actions we as parents for our children to avoid these dangers? Here is information on parenting tips on how to guide children who have started to avoid the dangers of teenage promiscuity is less true.

Over the years as parents we certainly know that there are three things that should be redirected when we are dealing with a phase of adolescence. Three things are: acceptance, limits, and character / nature. ‘Acceptance’ as one of the most important parenting tips contained on this point is that children who are growing up in desperate need of approval or consent. Continue reading “When Moving Young Children”